Building Casa Soñana

Bringing the vision to life

Casa Soñana's design was inspired by the Majorcan retreat

of Claudia Schiffer which Jill saw in the "Hello" magazine!

The process

Our architect was shown the magazine article, and his brief was to create a luxury villa with lots of interior movement, maximise the wonderful Andalucian light, to create a typical Andalucian house from the outside, but a 'wow' factor inside, each room to max out on the Vista's, and to have large flowing space offering relaxation, creativity and a home for great entertaining. Not an easy brief!

Local architects worked patiently with us whilst we created Villa Casa Soñana. Local builders thought we were mad with some of our ideas and visions, and many enjoyable conversations took place over the plans whilst enjoying a glass of the local rioja.

We had lots of frustration and fun creating the dream of Casa Soñana, Andalucia, one of the most memorable being our meeting with Salvador, and his divingrods who found water for the house! Frustration was at it's peak when the original builder went bust, and worked stopped for almost 6 months whilst we 'enjoyed' legal meetings to sort this out, and then to find another builder ! Federico, a local builder from La Cimada, took over the project and put us back on track, in his own inimitable style. He just kept smiling as he listened to our wishes regarding 'flow and movement' within the house, underfloor heating, pure wood kitchens, creating five uniquely different bathrooms etc. But through smiles, laughter and lots of paperwork, we got there!

Work then slowed down again due to the birth of our daughter, which stopped our monthly visits for a while, (even Jill couldnt persuade the local airline to allow her to fly 2 weeks before birth to attend a site meeting !). Grand Designs would have had a field-day with this project!

In typical Spanish style, of course Villa Casa Soñana was late in completion, but the best things in life are worth waiting for. So, it took a while, but eventually we created a wonderful luxury Andalucia villa rental and a little more!

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